Warning Signs

Dryer Repair and Maintenance: Dryer vent cleaning is important to promote dryer fire prevention and efficient dryer function. Dryer repair technicians strongly recommend annual dryer vent inspection and routine appointed dryer vent cleaning service to be sure the dryer operates as safely and effectively as possible.

A dryer repair technician can explain how the dryer provides threatening signs of lint build up leading to potential dryer performance problems. Owners need to pay heed to these indications to save precious resources, while warding off a disastrous dryer fire.

Normal Warning Signs of a Blocked Dryer Duct

  • Lint accumulation behind the dryer
  • Delayed drying time
  • Repeated overheat shutoff
  • Minimal or no lint on the filter
  • Lint stuck on garments after a dry cycle
  • Lint snagged around the door gasket
  • Hot dryer and hot clothes
  • Scorched smell

If you notice any of these symptoms call your local dryer repair service at 888-676-6142 to arrange a dryer vent assessment and air flow analysis.